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Connecting China and Europe

Frieske & Spark Ltd. brings together translators, interpreters, and business professionals based in China and beyond. Having considerable experience in international business, our team will provide you with guidance and support on your way to success in the Chinese market.


We provide services of highest quality to companies cooperating or planning cooperation with China. In our job reliability is what matters. We respect time and capital of our customers. We believe that a good translation is not merely content translated into another language, but most importantly, it is building a bridge of understanding between various business cultures.


During the last two decades, business with China has received a lot of attention in international media. While this interest was initially centered on China’s manufacturing potential, nowadays businesses all over the world acknowledge China as a significant market for foreign goods. Today, thousands of foreign entrepreneurs come to China to find and develop new business channels.


What makes Frieske & Spark different from most translation agencies is the fact that we specialize exclusively in translation/interpretation to and from the Chinese language. We know our employees' competencies well, which eliminates the risk of having an unsuitable individual provide services for our clients. We also attach great importance to written translation, which is always proofread by a native speaker of the target language. Moreover, we distribute the texts among our translators so that the subject matter matches their specializations and interests. 


Your business in China is our utmost priority. Our translators and interpreters have extensive experience working with Chinese companies and manufacturers. As a result, they are well-versed both in local industry jargon and local business culture. Frieske & Spark will help your company thrive in the Far East.





Areas of Expertise


We offer professional translation services to and from Mandarin Chinese. We realize that time is a critical factor for our clients. This is why we make every effort to provide fast and efficient services, while faithfully rendering the original content into the target language. In order to make the content and style of the text coherent, our translators work with specialized CAT (computer-assisted translation) software.


Frieske & Spark provides translation of legal documents accepted by banks, institutions and authorities of Hong Kong. We offer translation certification service for expatriates applying for work visas, permits, driving licences, marriage registration, opening bank accounts and similar related procedures in Hong Kong. 



Our highly qualified team offers professional interpretation services to and from Mandarin Chinese at conferences, trade fairs and business meetings within China. 


Frieske & Spark offers writing marketing materials, websites etc. directly in Chinese for their customers according to their guidlines. That allows better and faster acces to target groups on a Chinese market.


Simultaneous interpreting takes place in a soundproof booth and is carried out by a team of at least two interpreters (since this type of interpretation is the most demanding, interpreters should rotate every 30 minutes). The interpreter hears the words of the speaker through headphones and almost simultaneously restates them in the target language.

MARKET analysis

Our analytics provide quantitative and qualitative analysis of Chinese market based on Chinese language statistics, media and direct contact with Chinese companies.


He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.
— Confucius


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